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Ps2 Bios Scph 70000 Jp




Sony S-CPU The PlayStation S-CPU (system chip) contains the primary processing unit of the PS2. This unit is a 32-bit RISC (reduced instruction set computing) chip. In contrast, the 32-bit ARM processors found in the Atari Jaguar, Sega Saturn, and Dreamcast are of the MIPS class. As of the middle of 2003, the S-CPU chip was the only 32-bit RISC chip that had ever been used in a game console. The PlayStation S-CPU's 32-bit RISC design allows the PS2 to perform sophisticated 32-bit operations, such as floating point arithmetic and matrix operations, but at much faster speeds than the typical ARM architecture would provide. In the early days of the PlayStation, engineers tried to use a combination of the PlayStation's "reverse" of the ARM instruction set and a separate microprocessor that could execute the 32-bit RISC instructions, but the S-CPU was much cheaper to produce and the problems encountered were complex. In fact, the RISC chip in the Sega Dreamcast, the 32-bit ARM-based Sega 32X, was developed for the Dreamcast console, but the high cost of producing the chip eventually made it uneconomical. The PlayStation S-CPU has two internal memory interfaces. One is the HBM (high bandwidth memory) interface that will be discussed later, the other is called FSB (fast system bus), which is a 64-bit interface with parity checking (Parity checking is used to check that data is transferred correctly). The FSB is only for internal use and is not visible to other parts of the system. The FSB is also much slower than the internal HBM. This HBM interface is used to communicate with main memory and the CD-ROM and to transfer data between the S-CPU and peripherals. The S-CPU also contains a cache of video and sound data. The PS2 can support more than 3 megabytes of RAM. It also supports split screen, known as 3D support in some countries, for two players. The S-CPU has a hardware multiply and divide unit, which is used to do calculations required for power-up time, real-time clock, audio (Volume, L&R), and other calculations. In the PlayStation, the S-CPU has an internal 32-bit floating-point unit that can perform complex 32-bit math. The math is used to calculate how many frames to advance the




Ps2 Bios Scph 70000 Jp

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