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WinGPS 5 Pro - Downloadversie



PS: I'm not an artist, it's just the result of hours of experimenting with the drawing function. A: Here is the latest tutorial, which will get you started. Tutorial: First of all, we want to have the main image scaled as much as possible. Once that’s done, we can start placing our text and elements. The first and most important thing is that we want to add the surface tilt. This is not an image, but a guide. We want to place the tilt guide in the bottom left hand corner and then drag it so that it’s a little bit to the right. Now it should look like this. Now that we have placed the tilt guide, we need to move on to add the text. We want to start with the company and product name, then add ‘the simple way to download and read EXCEL documents’, and finally the share button at the bottom. The important thing here is that we need to add a line break before each item so that it will display nicely. Now we can start adding the ‘Share’ button. It’s important that we make it larger than the rest of the elements, so that it will really stand out. We want to place the button in the bottom-right hand corner. As always, make sure that the text fits into the right hand corner. Now we have our tilt guide and text. Next, we want to start placing the other elements. The first thing that we want to do is add the map. I suggest you use a map that is more zoomed in as we want to keep the exact shape of the map in the image. We want to add the map to the top right hand corner. I’ve taken the liberty of adding the pins here, but it’s not essential. Now we need to add the search box to the map, as the map doesn’t have one. The search box should be placed just slightly above the pin, but it should not be too close to the edge. Now we can start to place the button. I would suggest moving the icon to the top left hand corner. Then, add the label. Next, we want to add


WinGPS 5 Pro - Download [PORTABLE]versie

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